Mission Statement

The collaborative elements of Two Cousins Entertainment came together in New York of 2009 to formally continue the success of director/producer Joshua Grossberg’s (E!Online Senior Journalist) award-winning documentary, A Bridge Life: Finding Our Way Home.  Harvesting a diverse core of talent for TCE, Grossberg teamed up with actor/producer Michael Kier, producer/sound engineer Kevin Wilson and corporate attorney Peter Bilfield. These cinematic kin of another mother not only share a mutual passion for sharp storytelling but also, a way to bring those same stories to life.

As a production company, Two Cousins’ mission is straight forward: relentlessly strive to build a brand that is synonymous with words like excellence, clever, inspired, diverse, groundbreaking and lucrative in the developing and producing of multi-faceted feature films, television series, documentaries, and Web content for the largest audiences to the most niche and everything in between.

It is our vision that ALL stories are relative.


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